“Dear traveler or reader,

You will be together here with the goblins and spirits that live and compose this place. They grow out of everything that decorates, and dresses the place. They will join you in your stay or occasional permanence. They are right here in the tic tac of the clock, in the armchairs, tables and representative antiques, nowadays still valid. In the steamy coffee, the exquisite food you taste, the perfume in the clothes, the light of the lamps, the color of the walls, the warm environment, and the landscapes seen from the windows; interrupting the inside. In the voices of the people of the hotel. In the noises, the sounds, the music. There in the cash register, inviting you to purchase just to feel the nostalgia of watching it work. And that name that makes you understand better what this place is about, and enjoy it.        

We will try to help you. Because being a rebel does not only mean standing against something; it has many connotations. Only a rebel could bring itself to this place. In past times, a part of us left different worlds to arrive to ours. They arrived, they stayed. They were here. They have colonized, founded, created families and died. We honor them trying to be. Their legacy, their command, our duty. To know how to distinguish, and be, in stead of just remain. To be as they were at the time to board the ship. How many Armando Guillou were needed in 1909 to create the first settlement, the first hotel, or to found together with others on December 7 of 1927, “El Calafate” as a locality! How many rebels were brave enough to come here and do what they did in the Patagonia!

The rebelliousness, ours in this case, also has its expression. Taking the decision of building this place, as modern thaumaturges. We also try to make the wonder of filling it with lively objects, with history, so then you can, with subtle presence and fantasy, incorporate your soul, o the soul of this place.”

Thought in November, 2005